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The HPA is an informal affiliation of webmasters, print editors, and individual hashers who voluntarily share and publish information for the Hash House Harrier community. HPA members publish on the global, regional, national, and local levels, and include the webmasters and publishers of almost every major hashing web site and print publication.  Tim "Magic" Hughes, late publisher of Harrier International and the World Hash Handbook & Directory, was one of the HPA's earliest members.

Members of the HPA believe that hash information should be both free and freely available. We oppose any effort to copyright, monopolize, charge for, or otherwise restrict the free flow of hash information. HPA members freely share hash information with each other and the world hash community.

The HPA was founded in May 1997. Our current membership totals 217, including the editors of 208 current and former Internet hashing sites and 7 current and former hashing newsletters, and we're constantly growing. If you publish a hash-related web site or newsletter, or if you support our goals, please consider joining the HPA. Membership costs nothing, yet imbues you with a sense of shared purpose and solidarity with the other poor harriers and harriettes around the world who slave away for no better reason than to keep hashers informed. You'll be in good company - join today!

The HPA now has its own e-mail list at Yahoo Groups. To join, just follow the instructions below:

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